Our Heritage



1890 – 1949: Initiate the business in Shandong, China

Luda Feicheng agricultural tools foundry in the 19th century, which was founded in 1890 in Feicheng City, Shandong, China. During the World War II and the Japanese invasion, the factory had been closed down for a number of years due to a hard level of shock. The first generation of entrepreneurs who passed away due to illness old.


1950 – 1978: Rooted in Hong Kong and pioneering efforts

Luda's second-generation founder started only fifteen thousand US dollars and five members, set up factories in Taiwan, specializing in trade and food services between Taiwan and Hong Kong. Benefiting from the international fame rooted in Hong Kong, the second generation of the founder, obtained license in 1969, for marine engineering, ship repair and shipyard specialization, becoming the first company in this field professionally qualified companies.


1979 - 1998: Expansion to forge a solid foundation

Mainland China undergos the implementation of reform and opening up to international trade since 1979, aw plenty of local labor, low wages, and the advantages of both the market potential brought by Luda's third generation began to introduce advanced production technologies that experienced in overseas to the mainland China and established the first among Chinese production of stainless steel, carbon steel flanges, pipe fittings, pipe valve factory. The factory was located in Yingkou, Tianjin and northeast.


1999 and onwards: Expand globally showcase core strength

Luda's fourth generation of leaders to take over the group, he launched aggressive expansion plans, actively expand the global map, have established overseas branches, overseas factories and overseas offices, the products direct to more than 60 countries around the world and region, Southeast Asia and China including a number of supplies of world-renowned petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, nuclear power engineering, gas engineering, cement works and different large-scale projects. As being the one of the largest exporters, our brand becomes a recognized brand name in the world, always in the same industry leading position. Meanwhile, Luda performed successfully diversified business model, has expanded the business into property and financial investments, asset managements, e-commerce, food and medical investments, and global trading; more than make up the business as the Luda Group nowadays.