Dec 2018

Luda (Taian) Industrial Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of the Group, was awarded the title of Top 100 Suppliers in Sinopec, the China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation.


Jan 2018

Luda (Taian) Industrial Co., Ltd. and Luda development Ltd. prepare consolidated financial statements in preparation for listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2019


Dec 2017

In December 2017, Luda (Taian) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Luda Group, has successfully renewed its CRCC certification of Petrobras oil company.


Sep 2017

Luda (Taian) Industrial Co., Limited is a subsidiary of Luda Group which planned to set up a new production plant at Saudi Arabia in September , 2017


May 2017

Luda Group is acquired an electronics company --- Yixin Electron Technology (HK) CO., Limited and its holding of Shenzhen Wanboku limited in May, 2017.


Jun 2017

FT Foundation Asset Management Company Limited is a subsidiary of Luda Group which reported its earnings more than doubled over the last year in Hong Kong stock exchange market in June , 2017.


Apr 2017

Luda has awarded as a dedicated supplier from Middle East Petroleum Companies.


Mar 2017

Luda has successfully become a strategic supplier for China National Petroleum Corporation


Jun 2016

Luda has successfully become qualified supplier of China National Nuclear Corporation


May 2016

Luda obtained certification from Norsok Standards by Norwegian petroleum industry


Dec 2015

Luda has successfully completed with the certification of Technical Standards & Safety Authority in all province of Canada.


Dec 2015

Luda obtained OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certification


Oct 2015

Luda Development Limited obtained "The Good MPF Employer Award 2014/15" by Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Authority (MPFA)


May 2015

Luda obtained the certification from Ecopetro Columbia.


Feb 2015

Luda obtained the certification of quality management system from American Petroleum Institute.


Jan 2015

Luda Development Limited plans to launch as a listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange market in 2018.


Dec 2014

An online cosmetics store - UCO, under Marco Polo Investment Limited, which plans to be listed in US stock market.


Dec 2014

Luda's product have been successfully sold to over 60 countries worldwide.


Dec 2013

Luda Development Limited has been successfully fulfill with the requirement of Certficate of Forging Facility and Process Approval by American Bureau of Shipping.


Jan 2013

Luda's product have been successfully sold to over 51 countries worldwide, and the factory has been launched with its production located in Malaysia.


May 2012

Luda (Taian) extended new office tower, machining working and new facilities for productivity enhancement.


Mar 2011

Luda Nigeria factory has been established.


Jan 2011

Luda is the pionner to set up SA8000 certification in our plant.